Materials & Ingredients


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The herbs I use in all of my Spiral goodies are organic, and as often as I can sourced from local or USA-based companies. Some of the herbs aren't labeled as organic (like yarrow and sage) because I've sourced them from plants I grow myself- very organic but just not certified!



I use three different types of salts in the Spiral bath soaks. Himalayan Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, and Epsom Salt. Each salt boasts a different level of salinity, so a mix of the three gives your body the option of choosing which level works best with your body chemistry!

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I use a number of different organic oils each with their own unique properties. From sweet almond oil for lip balms, to including mango and shea butters as well as coconut, grapeseed, and jojoba oils in salves and scrubs, there is a plethora of high quality oils in my TSC line.



Powders are worth their weight in gold! I use powders and their healing properties in many of my dry goods. From bentonite clay to chamomile, lavender, arrowroot, and activated charcoal powder each powder is full of herbal potency.



All products are handmade and assembled by Kait in Denver, CO and are packaged in mason jars, tins, or recycled paper products! We buy in bulk and strive to be as eco-conscious as possible!


Beeswax & Honey

When it comes to beeswax, I use it sparingly. Sustainably harvested it is a great stabilizing ingredient in my oil-based products. As for honey and its lovely antibacterial properties, I use organic honey from local Colorado companies.